Clients :: Systems of Merritt, Inc.

Real-Time Data. Web Apps. Internet of Things.

Systems of Merritt Circuit Board

Systems of Merritt, Inc. is an engineering technology company, located north of Indianapolis, Indiana.

They design and build custom computer hardware, circuit boards, and control software for industrial and mechanical engineering projects.

Pictured here is one of the custom-built Internet of Things components utilized during our work with Systems of Merritt.

We have provided Systems of Merritt with professional software services, including:

  • Web Application Development
  • Linux & Cloud Administration
  • Internet of Things Database Configuration

Clients :: Evince Medical Software LLC

Physicians. Patients. Connected.

Evince Logo

Evince Medical Software LLC is a startup company located in Austin, Texas.

Evince is currently in the process of developing the next generation of electronic health record software.

We are providing ongoing services to Evince:

  • Business Development & Investment Planning
  • Perl Application Architecture & Design
  • Linux & Cloud Administration

Clients :: Network Makers

Perl. MVC. CMS.

Network Makers Logo

Network Makers LLC is a computer networking company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

They design and build local area networks for office buildings, corporate clients, and others.

We have provided the following professional services to Network Makers:

  • Perl Website Design & Graphics Consulting
  • Model-View-Controller Platform via Catalyst
  • Content Management System Platform via ShinyCMS