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Optimize. Auto-Parallelize. Protect Your IP.

RPerl Mascots

RPerl is the compiler for the Perl computer programming language.

RPerl works by translating your Perl source code into C++ source code, and then compiling the C++ into a binary executable or library file.

The RPerl compiler offers numerous benefits over the traditional Perl interpreter software, including:

  • World's Fastest Optimized Code, Serial Execution Runtime (tied with C, C++, Fortran)
  • World's Fastest Optimized Code, Automatic Parallel Execution Runtime
  • Industrial-Strength Protection of Your Intellectual Property

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Apps For You. Apps For Me. Apps For Us All.

RPerl Apps

A programming language is only as good as the software it is used to write, and RPerl sets the new standard for high-performance, high-quality application software.

RPerl applications provides the following features, which are unavailable in most traditional software applications:

  • Run Anywhere Perl Runs (Virtually Everywhere)
  • Ultra-High-Speed Execution Runtime
  • Compatible With Existing Perl Apps

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100% Code. 100% Cloud. 100% Free.

The Cloud is a new Internet frontier, where a software application can be executed on a remote computer and the results delivered as if it is a normal application executing locally. is a new platform with many unique advantages, including:

  • Free Of Charge For Personal Use
  • Pre-Loaded With Linux OS & RPerl Compiler & RPerl Apps
  • High-Performance Auto-Parallel Cluster Computing

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Sense. Compute. Record.

Science Tricorder

A Tricorder is a new kind of handheld device, which is used to scan the various energy fields in our everyday world.

The Science Tricorder features several ground-breaking capabilities, such as:

  • 10 Independent Energy Sensors
  • Wireless Data Cloud Connectivity
  • Arduino Compatible

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Real OS. Real Compiler. Real Genius.

Genius Phone

Sometimes smartphones aren't that smart, after all. It's time for a Genius phone.

The Genius phone improves on smartphones in nearly every way:

  • Pre-Loaded With Linux OS & RPerl Compiler & RPerl Apps
  • High-Performance Auto-Parallel Multi-Core Computing
  • Compatible With Both Android & iPhone Apps